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Benefits of the bank cards personalization in the personalization bureau of NovaCard

The company NovaCard has had a long-term experiment in personalization of the bank cards since incorporation in 1994. That year the company began personalizing the cards of the Russian payment system Gold Crown.

During the working period NovaCard has produced:

  • About 23 million of personalized cards for International Payment Systems (IPS)
  • 2,7 million of the personalized PIN-covers.

Nowadays NovaCard has its own personalization bureau available and implements personalization of all types of cards by various ways:

  • Bank and payment cards, including cards of EMV-standard
  • SIM-cards
  • Scratch-cards of advanced payment
  • Social cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Transport cards
  • ID-cards and cards of access control.

The personalization bureau is provided with modern equipment of the best leading manufacturers. All works are implemented by skilled craftsmen.

All processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

Practical experience in realization of various ways of the private data transmission and processing allows to satisfy any client’s demands in the question of data exchange organization and to use the findings for client’s cards personalization.

We offer:

  • The entire cycle of works on data preparation to personalization
  • Electric and graphic cards personalization
  • Packaging according to IPS standards
  • Client packets formating
  • Individual packaging of cards
  • PIN-covers printing
  • Formatting of response check, reports files, registers
  • Delivery by its own motor transport in accordance with the requirements of international payment systems
  • Delivery by Russian Post and logistics companies

Cards personalization is not a core business for banks, therefore it is characterized by a great amount of expenses. It includes considerable investments in the equipment and its maintenance, upkeep of personnel, organization of corresponding business-processes and other expenses that bank is forced to pay when organizing its own personalization bureau. It is necessary to consider constantly growing demands to EMV-cards that involve corresponding renewals either in the manufacturing process or in manpower requirements.

Transmission of personalization and bank cards distribution to outsource releases bank from solving non-core problems and allows bank to concentrate completely on key directions of business.

In the west personalization outsource practice is widely and successfully used in more than 70 percents of produced bank cards. Personalization outsource becomes profitable for the banks at lots of emission and at large filial chains.

NovaCard provide the client when personalization outsourcing:

Controls for the costs

  • Reduction of investments. Operating expenses are optimized so that equivalent services may be presented in a more economical light
  • Fixed prices are described and determined by the contract price for a long-term controls of costs including variable costs.
  • Costs exclusion
    • On the equipment for personalization and keeping in an operable condition
    • On topical software of the equipment for personalization
    • On staff training and upkeeping
    • On security
    • On software maintenance


  • Access to the new technologies of cards personalization
  • Conformance to the constantly changing requirements of IPS
  • New products and technologies (dual cards, NFC, sticky notes and others)

More advantages for private business

  • Allows to concentrate resources on the clients and not on solution of technological problems
  • Access to the new services
  • Risk management
  • To enter new products and applications with at minimum expenses
  • To make maximum of profit from the private business
  • Customer satisfaction

We are ready to offer a long-term experience of successful work and a high proficiency of our specialists to our clients for solution of the given tasks and professional technological support.

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