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NFC, simply about complicated

Near Field Communication – NFC – is a technology of contactless interaction that allows to provide with safety interaction between electronic devices.

It operates at a frequency of 13,56 MHz and allows to deliver data at 424 Kbps at a distance up to 4cm between the devices.

Three scenarios of works are laid in NFC standard:

  • information reading from the passive NFC-signs
  • emulation of smart cards when a phone «turns into» a card, for example, transport or payment
  • two-way data exchange between two devices (P2P regime) – two telephones get connected and communicate.

Examples of NFC using

NFC –device can keep in touch and with the existing smart cards and readers of the standard ISO 14443, NFC is compatible with other devices because of already existing infrastructure of contactless cards which is used in public transport and payment systems. NFC-technology will be appropriate in the netbooks, tablet computers and in the stationary domestic devices, but first of all, it is aimed at using in the mobile phones.

NFC is an integration of contactless transactions evolution and capabilities of the mobile phones and network.

  • NFC is the only evolution of mobile services
  • Multifunctional usage of a single media: all smart cards are emulated in the phone
  • Universal media, high penetration – mobile phone always lay ready to one’s hand
  • Quickly, simply, easy-to-use
  • Interactivity: screen, keyboard and friendly user interface
  • Advantages of a centralized remote safety management

NFC advantages

  • short communication range complicates unauthorized hijacking and improve safety of transactions
  • compatibility with the existing infrastructure of contactless terminals allows to use the technology for a wide range of already existing services
  • low cost of the chips makes the solution available for mass scale use
  • usage of already available standards of data transfer
  • quick payment implementation up to 1000 rubles. There is no need:
    • to enter PIN-code
    • to sign a cheque
    • to start application at a phone
    • to send SMS.

An important and necessary condition for realization of NFC-technology in the mobile phone is to create ecosystem being made up of mobile operators, banks and service providers as well as the companies granting confidential medium for data exchange between the participants of remote applications uploading management system – Trusted Service Manager – TSM operator.

Implementation of NFC-solution in the mobile phone implies the secure element availability – Secure Element (SE), as well as Contactles Front end (CLF) consisting of NFC-antenna and NFC-modem.

Standard NFC-solutions

1. SIM-centric solution.

In this case SIM-card is a secure element and NFC-telephone contains a built0in ContactLess Front end.

NFC SIM-card and CLF are jointed by means of a new interface: Single Wire Protocol (SWP) standardized by ETSI.

SIM-card and its applications management is defined in Global Platform according to OTA.

SIM-centric solution may not fit some service providers, because it implies creation of B2B2C interaction with mobile operators (MNO)

2. Solution with a secure element built up in the telephone

In this case SIM-card fulfils its ordinary functions. ContactLess Front end and secure element, on which later NFC-applications are loaded, are built up in the mobile telephone at the stage of its manufacturing.

As at the present moment not all mobile telephones have built-up NFC-elements in their structure, the necessity of intermediate NFC-solutions for mobile telephones arises.

Intermediate NFC-solutions

Secure element and ContactLess Front end are positioned in the special micro SD-card fixed into the telephone. This solution allows to associate the owners of not NFC telephones, having a slot micro SD, with a new technology.

The adaptor, which is a Contactless Front end element, is fastened to NFC SIM-card, containing secure element, with the help of a special trail. This solution allows to use NFC-technology in the majority of mobile phones available at the market. This fact has a direct influence on fast solution launching at the market.

Module in the form of a special adaptor/cover for certain mobile phone models contains ContactLess Front end and a built-up secure element.

This solution allows to use NFC-technology for the given kind of mobile phone models, and also widens facilities of its usage.

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