Banking sector

NovaCard produces and personalises all types of bank cards. In 2004 the company was the first to be certificated concurrently by both the Visa International and MasterCard International payment systems for the production and personalisation of bank cards. In 2007 the company was the first and only one in Russia to be certified for the production of American Express cards.

According to The Nilson Report (the global leader in market research in the field of payment cards and systems) NovaCard has *held its position as the leading bank card manufacturer in Eastern Europe for more than three years.

The company’s customers include more than 300 Russian and foreign banks.

The rapidly growing payments industry is creating plenty of opportunities for issuers to be successful and competitive. Strong competition is propelling users towards new solutions in the field of cashless payments.

The new technologies not only extend the supply of the commercial portfolios of lending institutions but improve security when using such products. This is especially important because of the growth of fraud in the cashless payment market. Moreover it obliges the banks to pay special attention to their choice of a safe production partner when bringing high-tech payment tools onto the market.

NovaCard offers its customers innovative solutions based on smart cards. NovaCard:

  • Produces and personalises all types of international bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and local payment systems
  • Produces and personalises contact, hybrid and dual EMV cards
  • Works with applications development tools for all types of cards with EMV and GlobalPlatform standards
  • Produces cards for contactless payments using MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave technology
  • Produces and personalises NFC-SIM-cards carrying payment and other applications

The company has extensive practical experience in the implementation of a variety of methods for the processing and transmission of confidential data. We are therefore ready to implement the specific requirements of our customers in relation to the organisation of data exchange.

It is important not only functionality in the plastic card, but also its visual appeal, individuality for each client. Additional effects are used in the production of plastic cards in order to make a plastic card of your client more attractive and to point it out amongst the others.

We are also ready to consider and to discuss the wishes of credit organisations for the timely provision of highly secure payment products and are pleased to offer you the benefit of NovaCard’s long experience and high business standing for the solution of such challenges.

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