In the Russian market NovaCard is a pioneer in the implementation of convergent solutions in the manufacture of products with NFC-technologies and the service management of their life cycle.

NFC (Near Field Communications) uses short range high-frequency wireless communication technology which allows the exchange of data between devices located within a few centimetres of each other.

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NFC-technology allows the user to access a wide range of services using a mobile phone, the NFC-SIM-card of which carries a variety of applications and provides the opportunity to manage the card “profile”. This also allows the issuer to control the card life cycle “over the air” (OTA).

We offer:

  • Product of evolutional progress of a form-factor of contactless card products – NFC-SIM-cards – allowing a mobile phone to become a virtual electronic “wallet” of different cards: bank, transport, discount and many others
  • Production and personalization of NFC SIM-cards with different applications for the implementation of one or several functions
  • TSM-service or the mobile operators and providers of service for secure data exchange and management of the life cycle of contactless applications.

NovaCard implements NFC-projects in cooperation with a strategic partner, Oberthur card Systems (OCS), one of the world leaders in the deelopment of solutions based on smart-cards.

Such convergent solutions are of interest to:

Benefits of NFC

  • The short communication range counters unauthorised data interception and increases transaction security
  • Compatibility with the existing infrastructure of contactless terminals allows use of the technology for a wide range of existing services
  • Low cost of the chips makes the solution viable for mass-market use
  • Use of existing certified data transfer standards
  • For quick payments of up to one thousand rubles – it is not necessary to
    • enter a PIN-code,
    • to sign a cheque,
    • to run applications on the phone,
    • to send SMS messages.

Benefits of NFC for the mobile operator

  • Increased use of mobile phones
  • Ability to offer innovative services
  • Competitive advantages for customer retention
  • Scalable interaction model (simple model, delegated management)
  • Access to new inter-industry financial flows (rental of memory on the SIM-card, key management, activation/management of applications, connectivity between platforms)
  • Increased revenue from user traffic (card management, tag reading)
  • Increased revenue from new services
  • Retention of the operator’s preferred operational model

NovaCard offers NFC-solutions: for banks, mobile operators, retailers and transport operators for the production and personalisation of NFC-SIM-cards carrying applications able to perform one or more functions.

Alternative solutions for NFC-project implementation.


  • NFC is universal and the most common secure element (SE) technology
  • A portable solution with a long life-span
  • It can be managed by standard OTA technology
  • The growing number of phones with NFC-support


  • It assumes B-2-B-2-C cooperation between MNOs
  • Limited storage capacity (2, 4 or 8 Gb)

NFC-telephone with built-in SE


  • It is independent of MNO
  • The NCI protocol is standardised by the NFC Forum


  • Cannot be replaced
  • Properties are dependent on the phone manufacturer



  • It is independent of MNO
  • Portability and popularity (In 2009: 43% of all phones and 100% of the most popular)
  • The NCI-protocol is standardised by the NFC Forum


  • SE management
  • Distance range

Adaptors specified for particular phones


  • Portability and compatibility with advanced phones
  • Fast launch on the market


  • Assumes B-2-B-2-C cooperation between MNOs
  • Lack of compatibility

NovaCard offers TSM (Trusted Service Manager)-services:

  • A platform providing secure data exchange between the end-user and the service provider
  • Life-cycle management of contactless applications
  • Remote SE personalisation and OTA content change

More on TSM

Main functions of a TSM operator:

  • Providing communication between the mobile operator and the service provider
  • Guarantee of secure data exchange
  • Life cycle management of contactless applications
  • OTA loading and personalisation of contactless applications
  • Activation and deactivation of services
  • Updating the user interface
  • Management of the NFC client data-base
  • Updating of EMV-balances (balance of Europay, MasterCard, and Visa cards) during payment
  • Management of value-added services such as ticket re-registration
  • Management of keys for secure access to the application.

We are always ready to discuss your needs and to offer the most effective solutions based on NFC-technology.