NovaCard produces all types of loyalty cards, from discount cards with magnetic strips to loyalty programme solutions based on microprocessor cards and the application of NFC-technology. Amongst our clients are some of the largest Russian retail chains.

Nowadays loyalty cards can provide not only fixed discounts but an individualised programme of proposals for the cardholder. The card may be the pass key to a special service or location. Modern contactless smart cards allow faster passage through ticket barriers, can be used as sky-passes, or for subscriptions to sport and entertainment events. Using high technology, based on NFC, retailers obtain additional opportunities to influence the decisions of customers with the help of their mobile phones and possibility to direct and control their actions.

We offer:

  • Card production and solutions for loyalty programmes at various levels of complexity ranging from cards with magnetic strips to solutions based on microprocessor cards
  • Production and personalisation of NFC-SIM-cards with different applications for the implementation of one or more functions
  • Development of card design
  • Supply of cards packaged for the client and including the client’s advertising information
  • Development of software for the implementation of loyalty programmes
  • Graphic cards personalisation, using a range of methods for the electronic personalisation of applications

Besides traditional loyalty cards, there are other types which have recently become wide spread:

Co-branded products present a strategic partnerships between a bank and other partner companies which introduce a discount or a bonus applying across several companies when using the card.

The co-branded cards may be classified according to the industry in which the bank partners work, the number of major customers and on the level of card use:

  1. projects with airlines
  2. projects with large retail chains and shopping centres
  3. projects with petrol station chains
  4. projects with mobile operators.

Fuel cards are an excellent approach to payment for petrol for private individuals, companies and from the point of view of the petrol stations themselves. A fuel card contains a record of the number of litres available to the driver or the money available for a fill-up. Use of such cards allows faster payment processing when filling-up and the control of company expenses whilst offering the opportunity to service numerous companies, providing their drivers with fuel cards only for use at filling stations.

According to experts, in the very near future one plastic card will track bonuses across several companies at once. It is much more useful for a client not to be linked to one brand or a partner, but to receive a range of benefits across several retail companies. It is also convenient to replace several plastic cards with just one card or to replace all of them with applications carried on the NFC-SIM-card of the owner’s phone.

It is important not only functionality for the plastic card, but its visual appeal, individuality for each client. Additional effects are used in the production of plastic cards in order to make a plastic card of your client more attractive and to point them out amongst the others.