NovaCard has produced SIM-cards since 2003 and nowadays it is the largest supplier of SIM-cards for the leading GSM-operators in Russia and in the CIS.

We offer our clients the most advanced solutions based on smart-cards:

  • Different implementations of SIM-cards electronic profiles: 2G(SIM), 3G(USIM), 4G(LTE), CDMA, including the development of a wide range of program applications
  • Multifunctional SIM-cards based on UICC modules that can contain either traditional GSM applications or other applications enhancing the capacities of mobile phones
  • SIM-cards with different dimensions of the plastic platform carrying the module – Micro-SIMs and Nano-SIMs.



NovaCard is the largest Russian manufacturer of pre-paid cards (i.e. scratch-cards) for mobile or fixed line operators and for internet-providers. NovaCard started production of scratch-cards in 1997 as payment cards for the first Russian GSM-operator – Mobile Communications of Nizhny Novgorod. Since then NovaCard has gone on to supply the largest Russian and regional GSM-operators with hundreds of millions of cards whilst, to this day, still continuing to supply its original clients with scratch-cards.